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Study group

Collaborate with peers in your dedicated #study-group channel.

Code reviews

Submit projects for review using the /review command in your #code-reviews channel

Frontend Bootcamp

Learn to code and build a career in tech

The ultimate self-paced learning experience for Scrimba students. Get accountability and feedback on your code, build your network, and launch your career in tech.

Join now

$700 for 3 months, includes everything in the Pro plan.

Build your network with study groups

Be a part of a small study group of like-minded coders with the goal of getting hired as a developer. Study groups offer an opportunity to build your network and bond with the other coders in the Bootcamp.

Build exclusive projects

Get access to Bootcamp-exclusive Solo Projects that will make your portfolio stand out.

You'll also receive detailed reviews of these projects from our vetted team of experienced code reviewers.

Get your projects reviewed

An experienced coder will review all of your Solo Projects.

Their feedback will help you find your coding skill gaps, build confidence, and ensure that you're progressing as fast as possible.

Check out an example of a code review and meet your code reviewers here!

Live weekly sessions to help you stay on track

To help structure your week and guide you toward your goals, you'll join your study group in live teacher-led sessions and connect with Bootcamp teacher assistants in student support sessions.

Schedule calls with teacher assistants

Get dedicated support with your projects and frontend development curriculum by scheduling monthly calls with the Bootcamp code reviewers and teacher assistants.

Get help landing your first job in the industry

When you begin your job search, we aim to increase your chances of getting hired by offering reviews of your portfolio, resume, and LinkedIn profile. Plus, you will have opportunities to attend job strategy sessions to help find your optimal path toward employment.

A modern, career-focused curriculum

The Bootcamp follows Scrimba’s Frontend Developer Career Path. It takes an average of 4 to 6 months to complete and earn your certificate.

Hear stories about how students have succeeded with this curriculum.

Led by an experienced dev from Team Scrimba

Guil Hernandez is a developer and instructor with over 15 years of experience in tech. He has created programming courses taken by hundreds of thousands of students worldwide and will guide you and your group through weekly sessions.

More affordable than the alternatives

The Scrimba Bootcamp is more flexible and affordable than most bootcamps, often priced at $10K-20k. You pay quarterly and progress according to your schedule.

Buy with confidence

14-day money-back guarantee

If the Bootcamp isn't for you, we'll refund you, no questions asked.

Cancel anytime

No notice period required, you’re free to disconnect.

Keep your discount

Stays with you for the entirety of your subscription.

Join Now

$700 for 3 months, includes everything in the Pro plan.

F to the A to the Qoracle

Is this a cohort?

Scrimba Bootcamp is not a synchronous cohort-based program. You progress through the Frontend Developer Career Path at your own pace while attending one weekly group session.

When does Scrimba Bootcamp start?

The program begins as soon as you sign up, and you can start submitting Solo Projects for code reviews straight away! You will join your weekly group session on the Monday following your signup date.

Do I have to follow the Frontend Developer Career Path to join Scrimba Bootcamp?

Yes. Scrimba Bootcamp follows the Frontend Developer Career Path, and each weekly session focuses on core areas of the path and its Solo Projects.

What does Scrimba Bootcamp include?

Scrimba Bootcamp is the ultimate learning experience for Frontend Developer Career Path students. It includes Solo Project code reviews, a dedicated study group, and weekly teacher-led group sessions.

How do code reviews work?

Scrimba Bootcamp provides you with four Solo Project code reviews by an experienced coder each month. Each includes a follow-up code review that may cover any revisions or outstanding questions regarding your project.

What is the turnaround time for a code review?

The turnaround time is up to 24 hours after submitting your Solo Project for review.

What's the difference between the Bootcamp and the Frontend Developer Career Path?

The Bootcamp is a premium subscription that follows the curriculum of the Frontend Career Path. What sets the Bootcamp apart is that it offers weekly teacher-led sessions and support from teaching assistants, exclusive Solo Projects, and detailed project code reviews.

What happens if I need longer than 3 months to complete the Bootcamp?

You can keep your quarterly subscription price, regardless of a price increase.

I have another question about the bootcamp - how can I get in touch?

Feel free to drop an email to [email protected] - we are always happy to help.